The Complete Comparison Guide to MedRx Audiometers

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Choosing an audiometer for your hearing clinic can be a challenging task. With numerous manufacturers, models, and features to consider—where do you start? And how do you decide which audiometer is right for your office?

MedRx is a leader in research and development for computer-based audiometer systems. We take clinical audiometry to the next level with proprietary software that is simple to use and even simpler to set up.

If you’re looking to compare MedRx's various audiometer options but aren’t sure where to start, this guide is for you. Our 4 audiometer models serve hearing care professionals worldwide, each with unique needs and preferences. See how we can help meet yours by diving into the tests, equipment, and example use cases for each one.




Portable Screening Audiometer

The AVANT Air+ Audiometer is a portable screening audiometer designed for on-the-go testing. All MedRx audiometers, including the Air+, are USB-powered, plug-and-play devices compatible with Noah, TIMS, Blueprint OMS, and Sycle record systems.

Tests Included

The Air+ audiometer conducts air threshold testing at 125 Hz – 8 kHz with an option to run automated audiometry for a quicker test time. Automated audiometry is ideal for screenings as it allows you to minimize communication with the patient during testing. You can capture the exact thresholds you need by adjusting the automatic levels in the Auto Test tab on the Settings screen.

Equipment & Accessories

At only 5” x 5” x 1.25” and less than 1 lb in weight, this audiometer serves as the perfect companion for clinicians traveling for screenings. It comes standard with:

  • DD65 headphones
  • patient response button
  • talk-back microphone
  • operator headset

The audiometer also comes in a convenient carrying case to safely transport the device to screening locations. If you prefer inserts to headphones, you may add them on or switch them out in your order.

Best Use Case

The Air+ is perfect for any hearing care professional doing screenings at schools, health fairs, nursing homes, construction sites, or even in mobile clinics! The plug-and-play setup makes it easy to use anywhere.

All that’s required when using the AVANT Air+ is your computer and the audiometer equipment. Using the USB connection, you can limit your mobile testing set-up to a laptop, power bank, and the MedRx Air+ case.




Standard Diagnostic Audiometer

The AVANT A2D+ audiometer is MedRx’s most popular audiometer model designed for traditional diagnostic testing. This dual-channel audiometer performs all tests required for a standard hearing appointment and additional tests for special cases.

Tests Included

Like the Air+, the A2D+ includes air conduction testing from 125 Hz – 8 kHz but also has bone conduction, speech audiometry, and masking tests. A Hearing Loss Simulator and Master Hearing Aid are included for demonstrations to the family or spouse as well. 

Equipment & Accessories

The A2D+ comes with a Bone Conductor and the same accessories included with the Air+. Upon purchase, you will also receive an Auditec Sound File License and a QuickSIN License.

Best Use Case

MedRx’s A2D+ audiometer is the perfect solution for any hearing care provider in need of a high-performing, dual-channel diagnostic audiometer.

One example use case would be for clinicians performing audiometry and hearing aid verification in separate locations (like an audiometric booth and a quiet office). These setups can look quite different depending on the office design and existing equipment wiring, so it may be the best option for your office to go with a stand-alone audiometer system. 

Another popular use case is hearing care professionals who need to upgrade their audiometer but still have a working or preferred Real Ear system for hearing aid verification. This provider could use the MedRx audiometer separate from their preferred Real Ear system. If you’re also considering REM, one of our combination units may be more suitable.




Diagnostic & Clinical Audiometer with Combined Real Ear

The MedRx AWRC (Audiometer & Wireless REM Combination) and AVANT ARC (Audiometer and REM Combination) are MedRx’s two options for combining Real Ear Measurements and an Audiometer in one device.

Tests Included

Because the AWRC and ARC are combination units, they have two main functions: audiometry and real ear measurements or speech mapping.

The audiometer side of these devices includes all audiometer tests that come standard on the A2D+. The only difference between the A2D+, ARC, and AWRC is that the AWRC has a High-Frequency capability of up to 20,000Hz that can be added on. High-Frequency testing is provided at an additional price but is only an option on the AWRC, not the ARC.

The AWRC and ARC combination devices perform the same REM/LSM tests, with the only differences in the accessories and equipment. To learn about what’s included with MedRx’s REM/LSM systems, visit our REM/LSM product page or our blog for more information.

Equipment & Accessories

The AWRC and ARC include the same accessories for audiometric testing as the A2D+. However, the AWRC’s REM equipment is unique. Rather than using traditional plug-in probe microphone inserts like the ARC, it employs 2 wireless probe mics connected to the system through Bluetooth, allowing for a more seamless fitting appointment for you and the patient.

To learn more about the wireless real ear and live speech mapping capabilities of MedRx’s newest product, the AWRC, you can read more in Introducing the MedRx AWRC: Audiometer & Wireless REM Combination System.

Best Use Case

An AWRC or ARC may be the best choice for a hearing care provider trying to save space by consolidating devices. While our computer-based systems make our hardware smaller and more nimble than manual audiometers, having separate real ear measurement and audiometer systems can become cumbersome if space is limited.

The AWRC or ARC audiometer combination systems are also a good option for clinicians who need to replace a manual or outdated PC audiometer while learning to perform REM. While you may not be comfortable performing REM or Speech Mapping enough to invest in a whole new system, having the option already available in the ARC or AWRC can familiarize you with MedRx’s REM/LSM software in your own time.

The AWRC in particular, is a great choice for hearing care providers who test younger individuals because it has the High-Frequency 20kHz add-on option. With the High-Frequency add-on, the AWRC becomes our most powerful, versatile piece of equipment you can choose for your office.


New Feature—Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT)

A new feature is now available in the A2D+, AWRC, and ARC audiometer systems. The Audible Contrast Threshold, or ACT, is a new test that will help clinicians find a patient’s ability to hear sound in noise.

The ACT is a non-language-specific test, meaning that regardless of a patient’s native language, you can find their ACT value (the test result).

Finding the value takes, on average, under 2 minutes per patient and provides results that can help fit patients’ hearing aids more accurately—the first time around. The patient’s ACT value will even directly influence how hearing care providers program the advanced settings of the hearing aid, giving your patients a better experience with their first fitting (and a better success rate for your office).

ACT will not be available in the Air+ screening audiometer, but for current and new users of the MedRx A2D+, AWRC, and ARC, you can find the new testing tab at the top of the screen in the audiometer module.


MedRx is an industry leader in user-friendly computer-based audiometers. From research and development to your clinic, we take pride in our products every step of the way. Regular software updates ensure you always have the most up-to-date products and the groundbreaking features today’s hearing care professionals need most.

Our 4 audiometer options are tailored to the unique needs of practitioners worldwide. To help meet yours, we offer competitive pricing and unmatched training sessions for new customers. Secure online training sessions and phone support allow you to get started with your new audiometer all on your own.

To learn more about your audiometer options with MedRx, call us at (888)392-1234 or visit for more information.