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The MedRx software is easy to use and customize for any clinic

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    The MedRx Software is PC-Based and can run stand-alone or through Noah

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    Ten Modules

    Choose from ten powerful audiological modules in the AVANT Software

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    Easy To Use

    Our AVANT software is easy to use and equips you with excellent counseling tools

Dual Channel Audiometry screen shot

Dual Channel Audiometry

The Audiometer is easy to operate. Perform air conduction, bone conduction, masking and speech testing using the mouse and/or keyboard with ease. All measurements, including discrete frequency MCLs and UCLs, are automatically plotted to a single Audiogram using standard symbols. A unique dynamic display of the test word in speech testing simultaneously counsels third parties while testing SRT and speech understanding.

Real Ear Measurement

Real Ear Measurements

ANSI standard described REM functions are provided for: REUR, REUG, REIG, REAG, REAR, REOR, REOG and RECD. The fitting rules for REIG include: NAL(RP), Fig 6, 1/2gain, POGO I and II, 1/3gain and Berger. All REIG targets can be manually edited for conductive corrections.

Live Speech Mapping screen shot

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping (LSM) has quickly become a popular and successful approach to hearing instrument fitting. LSM utilizes the power of measuring SPL in the ear canal to create a map of amplified “real” speech. As a function of the patient’s reduced dynamic range of hearing, the Live Speech Map should remain within the dynamic range for soft, moderate and loud speech inputs. Simultaneous adjustment to the hearing instrument programming while performing LSM measurements ensures efficient and successful fittings.

Occlusion Effect

Occlusion Effect

An objective measurement of occlusion effect enables you to solve the problem of the patient’s voice sounding “hollow” or “like speaking in a barrel.” Using the patient’s own voice for the occlusion effect measurement is the key to the success of this test.

3-D Speech Mapping

3-D Speech Mapping

Offers a new look at the speech map over time and analyzes its dynamics. 3-D Speech is a true threedimensional model, utilizing perspective, scaling, rotations and highlights. This module is currently in experimental use and is provided with the AVANT for you to explore.

NOAH Compatible "On Top" Mode screen shot

Noah Compatible "On Top" Mode

AVANT performs from within Noah thereby allowing all data to be saved to the Noah database. Live Speech Mapping also performs in the “on top” mode to allow for simultaneous programming and verification of the hearing instrument.

Hearing Loss Simulator

Hearing Loss Simulator

The Hearing Loss Simulator “simulates” the effect of the patient’s hearing loss for the spouse or family member. The program attenuates an input signal to simulate the audiogram. It is a powerful experience for the spouses or family members to listen to how their voices are distorted by the hearing loss.

Hearing Instrument Testing

Hearing Instrument Testing

Compare the 2cc coupler response of the hearing instrument to the manufacturer specification to ensure quality performance or to detect possible malfunctions of the hearing instrument. The Hearing Instrument Test program is used to measure the hearing instrument response in a 2cc coupler in the test box. The ANSI standard tests are available in an automatic sequence or for select measurements.



The Tympanometry function provides clear graphic and numeric displays of tympanogram and acoustic reflex data. Hand-held Tympanometers compatible with the AVANT transmit data by infrared transmission.

Acoustic reflexes are screened at 80 dB for 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000Hz.

Video Otoscopy

Video Otoscopy

Save high quality images and patient portraits to the patient database. Quick and easy access to the video preview mode from any screen ensures maximum utility of the video otoscope.

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