KIOSK The stand-alone Hearing Screening Tablet

See Results as Customers Complete the Screenings


Customer Focused Hearing Screening

Use a fast hearing screening designed to qualify a lead in a standalone environment. The entire process takes under 3 minutes and provides immediate customer hearing loss feedback. Use unattended in pharmacies, physician offices, assisted living facilities, community events and more.


Cloud Based Results

MedRx Kiosk connects to the cloud for real time results. See leads, hearing results and analytics through our HearingBI service.


Built for Lead Generation

Kiosk has a looping patient interface with tutorial videos that make it perfectly suited for lead generation. Partner with physicians, optometrists, pharmacies or other businesses to provide hearing screenings and leads for your business.


Suited for Home Testing

Home testing is becoming more important with at risk individuals staying home. Send LTE Tablets to your customers and view results in real time. Provide the services your community needs even in difficult times.


Enterprise Ready

Kiosk in combination with the HearingBI service can accommodate thousands of Kiosks providing leads and analytics to entire organizations.

Technical Specs

  • Standards:
    Screening Audiometer Not A Medical Device

    DD65 v2 Headphones

    Frequency Range: Air: 125 Hz - 8 kHz

  • Max Output: Air Conduction: 80 dB HL For Mid-Range Frequencies,

    Attenuation: 5 dB Step

    Compatible with: HearingBI, NOAH™

    Power Requirements: 120V

  • Dimensions:
    Approx. 12″ x 14″ x 8″ (W x H x D)

    Weight: < 5 lb.

    Standard Accessories:
    DD65 v2 Headphones, Software & Manual