One Great Software for all the MedRx Products

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  • studio-software-aud-module-s

    Dual Channel Audiometry

    Perform air conduction, bone conduction, masking and speech testing using the mouse and/or keyboard with ease.

  • studio-software-rem-module-s

    Real Ear Measurements

    IEC/ANSI standard REM functions are provided for: REUR, REUG, REIG, REAG, REAR, REOR, REOG and RECD.

  • studio-software-hit-module-s

    Hearing Instrument Testing

    The IEC/ANSI standard tests are available in an automatic sequence or for select measurements.

  • studio-software-lsm-module-s

    Live Speech Mapping

    Live Speech Mapping (LSM) a quick and successful approach to hearing instrument fitting.

  • studio-software-hls-mhs-module-s


    Easily simulate hearing loss and hearing instruments for patients.

  • studio-software-vra-module-s


    A new form of visual reinforced audiometry. A2D+ Audiometer, Stealth Audiometer & ARC compatible

  • studio-software-imp-module-s


    This function provides clear graphic and numeric displays of tympanogram and acoustic reflex data.

  • studio-software-vo-module-s

    Video Otoscope

    Capture, view and store digital images. Retrieve results easily for follow-up visits.

  • studio-software-tinnometer-module-s


    Revolutionary Tinnitus Assessment. Confidently track your patient’s tinnitus.