Hearing Instrument Test Chamber

The AVANT HIT+ performs 10 standard hearing instrument tests. The device is small enough to be discreetly situated in any office setting. The test results are automatically stored in NOAH for convenient retrieval and report printing.

  • Our Hearing Aid Analyzer meets ANSI and IEC specs

  • The AVANT HIT+ represents a new era of precision Hearing Instrument Testing for your office. Compact yet rugged, this PC-based system is USB powered and performs 10 automated, selectable ANSI & IEC Tests. The device is small enough to be discreetly situated in any office setting. Its modern design complements the full line of AVANT instrumentation and is designed to provide many years of reliable service. The test results are automatically stored in Noah for convenient retrieval and can be printed on any printer.

  • Features:

    • PC Interface, Intuitive, User-Friendly, Easy Software Updates
    • USB Connection, Simple One Cable Computer Hook-Up
    • Computer Printed Reports
    • Multiple Test Setups – User Selectable Tests Allow Testing
    • Flexibility And Customization
    • Noah, TIMS®, Blueprint OMS and Sycle Compatible

Technical Specs

  • Standards:
    Hearing Aid Analyzer As Per ANSI S3.22, IEC 60118-7

    Speaker Output: Max 95 dB SPL

    Frequency Range: 125 Hz – 8000 Hz ± 0.5%

    Coupler Mic: Max Input Level: 140 dB SPL

    Reference Mic: Omni Directional Microphone

  • Battery Simulator Output:
    Adjustable Output Voltage: 0.1V – 1.5V In 100mV Steps Accuracy ± 5%. Current Measurement: 20uA – 20mA Accuracy ± 5%.

    Battery Pills Provided: 10A, 13, 312 And 675.

    Magnetic Loop: 31.6mA/m Magnetic Strength, per ANSI Standard

    Communication Port: USB

  • Power Requirements: USB Power

    Dimensions: Approx. 24 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm (W x D x H)

    Net Weight: < 4 kg, < 7 lbs

    Enclosure: Acoustically dampened enclosure

  • Environmental Requirements: Working temperature range from 10°C to 35°C