Benefits of Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping

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Traditional Real Ear Measurement (REM) has been in practice since the 1980s, however, the idea came about almost 4 decades prior. Today, the industry has exceeded the limitations of traditional REM and developed complementary technology known as Live Speech Mapping. With more speech stimulus options than REM, LSM has proven to be an innovative approach to an increasingly necessary practice.

The AVANT REM Speech+ provides the benefits of traditional real ear and speech mapping all in one device. If you don’t already fit with REM/LSM, here are a few of the benefits you may see by implementing it into your practice.

Verify Hearing Aids

Both REM and LSM are valuable tools that allow us to verify the sound pressure level at the tympanic membrane(TM)—ensuring that your patient’s hearing aids are an appropriate fit for their hearing loss.

From the differences in patient’s external real ear characteristics to prescription changes, a hearing aid should always be verified at the correct levels before being sent home with your patient. With REM/LSM, you won’t have to approximate or guess the correct audibility; you’ll know.

Not only do these tests make listening more comfortable for your patient, but they can help improve speech quality for them too. LSM lets us test and verify patients’ hearing aids to determine the audibility of speech and noise in real-time by matching specified target margins.

With the AVANT REM Speech+ you can binaurally match to these targets:

  • MSS
  • DSL v5.0
  • NAL-NL1
  • NAL-NL2

And, if you match your patient’s hearing aids to their prescriptive targets with REM/LSM the first time around, you’ll undoubtedly reduce the number of times people return to you for adjustments. This means you’ll have more satisfied patients and more time to treat their hearing.

Using this technology properly will also quantifiably show you and your patient the improvements made to their hearing aids. With the AVANT REM Speech+, you don’t have to ask the patient to tell you what sounds good to them; you can compare their aided responses to standardized targets and adjust as necessary. This eliminates the chance of over or under amplifying the hearing aid.

Get More Accurate Results

Traditional real ear was designed to operate with linear instruments because they only used noise or speech-like stimuli. However, LSM goes beyond these limitations and fits hearing aids more accurately than ever. LSM can use live stimuli, such as a spouse or family member’s voice in the room to determine if your patient’s hearing aid is meeting the necessary targets for speech.

The AVANT REM Speech+ also includes the ability to play several real speech stimuli, including:

  • speech in noise (SIN)
  • international speech test signal (ISTS)
  • simulated experiences such as cafeteria ambiance
  • you or your patient’s own music or recordings
  • Rainbow Passage

These features assist in pinpointing scenarios where the patient has mentioned a specific discomfort or difficulty communicating.

If you notice that a patient’s hearing aid is not reaching the levels necessary for clear speech, you can adjust the hearing aid and remeasure as needed—all in the same session. This ensures that before a patient leaves your office, you’ve tested the hearing aid in a situation where they would need it to perform at a specific level.

 Hearing care professional and patient sitting at a desk. The provider is conducting real ear measurements with live speech mapping.


SureProbe™ Technology

When you order an AVANT REM Speech+, you get the benefits above and the tried-and-true technology that leads you to those precise results.

The AVANT REM Speech+ utilizes SureProbe™ technology, which makes for an unparalleled provider experience. Lighted visual cues make binaural probe measurement an effortless option for conducting LSM. The devices are even calibrated to account for anatomical differences in ear canals beyond just size, including:

  • resonance characteristics
  • TM flaccidity
  • depth of hearing aid insertion
  • device sound processing capabilities

We consider all of these factors to ensure accuracy and precision during a fitting.

Use As a Counseling Tool

REM/LSM are also indispensable tools for counseling patients who are new to wearing hearing aids. When first trying on their hearing aids, some patients can become overwhelmed by the new abundance of sounds. Showing them that they’re not overamplified with REM/LSM is a great way to ease the transition.

The AVANT REM Speech+ also utilizes Hearing Loss Simulation (HLS). HLS simulates a patient’s hearing loss to a spouse or family member who may not understand the severity of it. With HLS, your system can help patients and families adjust to and understand the process of a hearing aid fitting.

The MedRx REM Speech+. It is a small white device storing the hardware for REM/LSP. The SureProbe™ microphone system. There are cords connected to wires that loop around your ear to hold them on during the test.


Compact and Convenient Operation

The design of the AVANT REM Speech+ is compact and practical, making it a small but powerful tool for your practice. At less than 1 lb. and measuring only 6.5″ x 5″ x 1.25″, you’ll have the freedom to move and adjust the hardware as you see fit.

Because of this, you’ll find it discreet and the perfect solution regardless of the size of your testing area. Now, you can experience the benefit of verifying hearing aids without cumbersome equipment. And for mobile convenience, it also comes in a carrying case designed to protect and prevent damage during shipping and transport.

Meanwhile, an easy setup ensures that you focus on taking care of patients rather than fixing your equipment. The device is PC-powered and connected by USB, so even those who aren’t technologically savvy will intuitively know how to set it up.

You can run the device standalone or integrate with Noah to save patient information and refer to fitting details.

For those looking for a more approachable way to integrate REM into their clinic or practice, REM AutoFit capability is also an attractive feature. Instead of manual REM, the AVANT REM Speech+ Auto REM capability is an easy solution that’s compatible with most hearing aid manufacturers.

You also have the option to add an RECD coupler to your REM, which is essential for practices with uncooperative patients or those who care for hearing aids remotely.

Combine with Audiometry Testing

The benefits of REM alone are clear, but what about when you need a device that can do it all? A REM and audiometer combination such as the AVANT ARC is the perfect device. A two-in-one solution to all your testing and fitting needs, the ARC truly bridges the gaps in your practice.

It combines the benefits of REM with the audiometry needs of standard clinical practices and allows for quick and efficient testing appointments.

Or opt instead for the Ultimate Office+ package. Best suited for offices that test and fit in separate exam rooms, the Ultimate Office+ package includes everything you need for complete testing with the freedom of individual hardware.

The AVANT ARC audiometer/REM combination. A small white device with probe microphones for testing.


Receive Lifelong Customer Support and Training

There’s no denying that LSM and REM can be challenging to master without the proper training. That’s why at MedRx, we provide lifelong customer support and training for your AVANT REM Speech+. Stay up to date on the latest software updates and how we’re always working to make your devices more functional and efficient.

Purchasing REM Equipment for Your Practice

Integrating real ear measurement and live speech mapping into your practice has never been more straightforward. And while your patients will undoubtedly see a difference in your quality of care and their hearing comfort, a REM system from MedRx provides countless other benefits for you as a hearing care provider.

For more information on how to incorporate the AVANT REM Speech+ into your practice, contact our sales representatives at 888-392-1234 for a free online demonstration!



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