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ACT™ is a supplemental test to the audiogram. This test assesses the quality of hearing in noisy situations


ACT is a New Test in MedRx Audiometers

This test takes 2-3 minutes to complete

  • ACT™  stands for the Audible Contrast Threshold test

  • The test is designed to be performed in the booth and complement your existing workflows while providing new information to the clinician.

    ACT is available as a software upgrade depending on the age of your audiometer. You must have an audiometer compatible with the MedRx Studio Software. There is a license fee for ACT on some units. It is determined by the product serial number. Please reach out to your MedRx representative and they can help to determine the fee if any.

    The ACT test comes standard in new purchases of the A2D+ Audiometer, the AVANT ARC and the MedRx AWRC

  • What You Need To Perform the ACT Test

    • Latest Version of Studio Software 
    • ACT Software License
    • Audiometer
    • Patient Response Button
    • Air Conduction Transducer (Headset or Inserts)

Using the ACT Results

The ACT results can be used to help program a hearing aid in new ways. Unlike traditional speech in noise test the ACT is an aided speech in noise test which helps estimate the patient’s performance in noise with hearing aids. A normal ACT test would indicate that a patient can use noise reduction later and less aggressively than a patient with a severe ACT result. 

  • Getting Started with ACT and MedRx

  • The ACT Value

  • Act How To Test 

  • ACT Test Patient Instructions 

Watch our 4 quick training videos above or call for an online demo today!

The Audiogram Provides the Quantity of Hearing • The ACT™  Provides the Quality of Hearing

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