Real Ear Measurements—Now Really Easy with the NEW Wireless REM

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MedRx is excited to launch the next product in our portfolio of wireless devices, the Wireless REM.

In 2023 we released the AWRC, a new combination wireless REM and audiometer unit that maximized what your equipment is capable of. Now, the Wireless REM offers the same advanced real ear and live speech mapping technology with wireless capabilities for practitioners who already have a preferred audiometer.

Learn how MedRx’s Wireless REM is helping hearing care professionals perform real ear measurements faster and with more accuracy than ever before.


The Wireless REM boasts robust features designed to streamline your fitting procedure while continually reaching precise peaks for each patient. Some major upgrades in our newest release include:

  • Binaural live speech mapping and real ear measurements with wireless probe mics
  • High-frequency wireless fittings up to 12,500 Hz
  • Studio software with Probe Tube Fitting Guide

Perhaps the Wireless REM’s most notable feature is its new wireless probe microphones. This enhancement will minimize fumbling around unruly wires and lead to greater efficiency and maneuverability in your sessions. The wireless probe microphones automatically connect to your device through a private connection used only to communicate between the two instruments, limiting interference and connection barriers.

To reach 12,500Hz, we use high end wireless transmissions to allow for added bandwidth making our probes high-frequency capability. This makes the Wireless REM suitable for patients who need a unique gain on their devices or are using hearing aids with more advanced high-frequency outputs.

As with all MedRx products, the Wireless REM is 100% computer-based, ideal for a desktop or a laptop. Our real ear and live speech mapping modules within our Studio software are included with each Wireless REM unit and were intentionally engineered for simple, straightforward navigation and functionality.

The included software also features a host of handy tools (including the MHA and HLS) and customizable settings and views. One tool sure to expedite fittings is our Probe Tube Depth Guide, this new guide allows clinicians to insert probe microphone tubes faster and with more confidence during fittings—taking the fear out of probe tube placements for clinicians and patients.


The wireless REM is a versatile product designed for the various needs and applications of the modern hearing healthcare professional. With both traditional real ear measurements and modern live speech mapping fittings options, the Wireless REM is perfect for clinicians of all skill levels and fitting styles. The Wireless REM is fit for use in the booth, a mobile office, or testing particularly tricky patients.

Portable or in-office fittings

Designed with portability and simplicity in mind, the simple 2 piece design is built for ease-of-use. All of the connections from the Wireless REM are either USB (for connections to your laptop or desktop) or USB-C (for charging the probe microphones), which should already look familiar.

The wireless probe microphones have a battery life of 6 hours each with continuous use, meaning that even portable clinics can utilize them without worry of needing to charge in between patients.

When not in use, the probe microphone’s rechargeable battery can also be docked on a charging station as an alternative to the USB-C cords. The charging dock can be used as a portable charging solution or wall-mounted to save space in a busy clinic. Charging style is up to the discretion of the user and doesn’t affect longevity of the device or performance.

Standard or High-frequency fittings

The Wireless REM ensures an exceptional fit for traditional hearing aid patients with modern live speech mapping technology. However, for patients with high frequency losses or unique ear canals, high-frequency testing may be the solution to what previously might have been a multi-step process of fittings and refittings.

The Wireless REM is a high-performing system designed to help patients reach their closest hearing aid fit yet. To do this, the latest release in our long line of real ear devices tests out to 12,500Hz so you can customize your patient’s devices with even the most intricate modulations.

How to Use the Wireless REM System

The Wireless REM is simple to use and requires little effort for set up and operation. The microphones and hardware arrive pre-paired and automatically connect to each other when turned on. Following these 5 steps will ensure you’re on your way to better fittings in no time.

  1. Get familiar with your REM device: Read the installation and training manuals while setting up your devices
  2. Prepare and customize the fitting modules on your computer: Our trainers can help you with this in a Beginners real ear training session, call to schedule your session
  3. Position and calibrate the speakers: Ensure that the speakers are positioned where the patient’s ears are placed exactly 19-39 inches away
  4. Calibrate the probe tubes: After each patient, replace the probe tube and recalibrate the mics
  5. Perform REM or Live Speech Mapping: Our training manuals offer a comprehensive run-down of how to complete REM or speech mapping, but we recommend an online training session for the most effective use of the Wireless REM.

Try the Wireless REM in an Online Demo

The Wireless REM is the newest product in MedRx’s long line of innovative hearing care solutions. Our equipment is advanced enough to fit your patients more accurately than ever, without sacrificing simplicity.

Clinicians can switch over to the Wireless REM with minimal downtime, backed by an expert support team and trainers prepared to help you achieve the best results for your office and your patients.

Learn more about the Wireless REM’s enhanced functionality in an online demo where you can test features you’re curious about before you commit. Guided by an experienced trainer, you’ll learn about the software, the set-up process, and the steps needed to perform standard or specialized tests.

Not quite there yet? Give us a call at (888)392-1234 to see if the Wireless REM would be a good fit for your office.