MedRx: 30 Years Of Hearing Healthcare Excellence

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In the 30 years since its founding in 1994, MedRx has helped hearing healthcare providers worldwide provide patients with high-quality care. In that time, our advanced audiometric equipment and systems have adapted to industry changes and the needs of our customers. The hearing healthcare industry has evolved significantly these last 3 decades, and with it, MedRx has remained steadfast in our commitment to producing innovative solutions in computer-based audiometry. 

On the 30th anniversary of MedRx, discover how our contributions shaped the hearing healthcare landscape and how we plan to continue to invest in our products and the professionals that use them.


 A Reputation for Reliability

MedRx was founded in 1994 by Ron Buck, a hearing aid dispenser working in and managing 6 shops in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Seeing a need in the market for an affordable video otoscope, he worked with an engineer for months to develop what would become MedRx’s first product. 

Since then, MedRx has developed a long line of innovative audiometric solutions for hearing healthcare professionals including audiometers, real ear measurement systems, and hearing instrument test boxes. 

In its first few years, in addition to the original VO, MedRx also released the OtoWizard, a complete audiometry system fit with HIT, audiometry, REM, and video otoscope capabilities mounted on a mobile cart. Now, the VO is as small as a marker and powered by plugging directly into your computer and the Otowizard is retired, but the systems included are still available individually.

In 2005 and entering its second decade, MedRx unveiled the first portable audiometers and real ear systems, launching to a market that still primarily favored manual audiometers. The AVANT line used the original PC-based software of the same name. Our compact design ideal for portability and time-saving efficiencies helped push the AVANT product line to the forefront of computerized testing equipment. Many of our senior technicians and training professionals can still troubleshoot and provide support for these products today.

From 2004 to 2014 MedRx worked tirelessly to produce modern computer-based systems that were more efficient and easier to operate. In 2017 their efforts were rewarded with the successful completion of a new range of audiometers, real ear systems, HIT box, VO, and more.

These are the products you likely have or would recognize today, but the innovation didn’t stop there.


A Future Build on Innovation

For the last 10 years, MedRx has consistently dedicated efforts to designing new modern products and technology, including our new Studio software. The new software featured a modern design and intuitive navigation elements for a seamless user experience. With Studio also came updates to our audiometric systems and new products designed to meet the demands of the modern hearing healthcare industry.

In 2020, MedRx was awarded the Bronze Hearing Health Innovator award in the equipment category for our partnership and collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratory on the iVRA. The MedRx iVRA paired with a MedRx audiometer allows clinicians to perform VRA tests easily through control of the audiometer within the MedRx iVRA iOS app. This eliminates the need for a second clinician as the provider can then perform both tasks with the child in the booth.

With the rise in virtual healthcare taking off, MedRx also developed the Telehealth and Kiosk Screening Tablet to respond to the clear need for flexible testing and screening solutions. These played an essential role in allowing clinicians to provide safe care to patients at a time when in-office visits were limited and COVID-19 made patients hesitant to return to normal appointments.  

In 2023, MedRx launched the AWRC, an audiometer and wireless REM combination unit. This release featured 2 new wireless probe microphones and an audiometer with optional high-frequency testing capability that would allow clinicians to test out to 20k Hz.

In the latest Studio update, MedRx announced the release of ACT, which stands for the Audible Contrast Threshold test. This new test is designed to complement your existing workflows by adding a test in addition to the audiogram that can determine a person’s ability to hear in noisy situations. 

While these are only a few of MedRx’s accomplishments in recent years, we’re always looking for ways to grow and meet the new needs of customers. As the demand for hearing healthcare professionals increases, we will continue to establish new products and software solutions that increase office efficiencies and lead to more accurate results. 


Lasting Leadership 

After founding MedRx in 1994, Ron Buck led the MedRx team to impressive growth and success in the audiometric manufacturing industry. In 2022, Ron Buck announced his retirement, leaving MedRx in the experienced hands of Caleb Sparkman—AuD and VP of MedRx since 2017. 

Additional leadership includes Jennifer Heckman, Director of Operations, and Penny Meeks, Director of Sales who have both served at MedRx for over 20 years. Their expertise and familiarity in the industry continue to demonstrate an invaluable level of experience necessary for MedRx’s continued success in the industry.  


Celebrating 30 Years of Advanced Audiometry Solutions

In the 3 decades since MedRx entered the scene, we have not only mastered the design and development of our products but also how to listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers. In the coming years, our proven history of reliability and innovation will continue as we work to meet those needs.

We recognize and can identify with the challenges you face. We understand who your patients are, what they need from you, and listen for how to help you be the best hearing aid dispenser, audiologist, or practice owner for your patients. From our thoughtful software navigation to our compact hardware designs, MedRx looks at our products from every angle to help you maximize your impact on your patients. 

For more information about MedRx or to schedule an online demonstration, give us a call at (888)392-1234 or email us at

Thank you for celebrating 30 years of audiometric excellence with us!