Small Changes, Big Results: 5 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Patient's Experience

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Patient satisfaction, an essential measure of success for healthcare offices, has long been driven by the patient’s experience. An analysis of 157 studies from countries around the world evaluated the most common factors that affect patient satisfaction and found that medical care, waiting time, and communication proved to be most significant in determining a patient’s satisfaction level.

In hearing care clinics, the same criteria apply. Hearing healthcare, waiting room time, and transparent communication between the hearing care professional and their patients are pillars of a successful practice.

There are many ways in which these pillars of patient satisfaction can be interpreted and implemented in your office, but they don’t have to be time or labor-intensive. You can improve patient satisfaction by implementing simple changes to improve your patient’s experience.

Here are 5 easy, low-cost ways to level up your patient’s experience with MedRx products and equipment you likely already have.



1. A Video Otoscope Demonstration

While most hearing exams are preceded by an otoscopic evaluation, not many are engaging or interactive. The video otoscope offers providers a unique opportunity to share their evaluation process directly with the patient, breaking communication barriers and building trust in the initial stages of the exam. This opens the floor for questions, comments and can make a patient feel involved and invested in their hearing health.

While this may add a few additional minutes to the exam, nothing is lost by offering the experience, while there is much to be gained in terms of the patient’s experience.




2. Offer the New ACT Test

MedRx offers a variety of testing options for providers in our audiometers. Care is a keystone part of solidifying a positive patient experience—level up your patient’s next hearing exam with a new advancement in hearing testing software designed to improve your understanding of your patient’s hearing loss.

The MedRx ACT (Audible Contrast Threshold) test comes standard on new MedRx A2D+, AVANT ARC, and AWRC purchases and is available as an upgrade in Studio software-compatible audiometers. Beyond your standard Speech in Noise (SIN) test, the ACT (Audible Contrast Threshold) test provides insight to a patient’s quality of hearing in a noise-filled environment.

Seamlessly integrate this new test into your workflow to provide an additional layer of patient care and consideration to your appointments.



3. Consider Complimentary Cleaning with UltraVac+

The UltraVac+ hearing aid restoration system is a powerful, affordable, and reliable piece of equipment capable of removing water, dirt, wax, and debris from patient’s hearing aids. While you could charge for services involving the UltraVac+, it is also a great way to manage waiting room times.

The UltraVac+ is easy to use and can be operated by support staff in addition to the clinicians. On days where you’re running behind schedule or get a walk-in you weren’t expecting, the UltraVac+ can be a lifesaver for maintaining the patient’s experience. Simply offer a free hearing aid cleaning while they are waiting to minimize frustration and boredom.

The global analysis of various patient satisfaction surveys found that while standard waiting times did little to affect patient satisfaction positively or negatively, longer than average waiting times elicited far more negative feedback. Eliminate this risk with the UltraVac+’s capabilities and a willing member of your team.



4. Provide Customized Patient Reporting

As mentioned above, care is a major contributor to patient satisfaction, and thus should be thoroughly considered when designing our patient’s ideal visit experience. Documenting that experience ensures that your patients think of you long after they leave your office.

To the untrained ear, a hearing exam is little more than a series of beeps and questions. And no matter how well you explain your processes and reasoning, many patients will leave their appointment with as little understanding of their hearing loss as when they arrived.

Opting for a custom, detailed report over the standard audiogram can alleviate post-visit questions and concerns. This report can explain their hearing loss in relation to the audiogram, how you came to your treatment conclusions, and even detail next steps and recommended actions for the patient to take.

MedRx custom reports come standard with all MedRx Studio equipment and can be located in the top right corner of the screen by clicking on the Print icon. Edit a variety of reporting templates to create one that best suits your patients using various elements including text, logos, and test results.



5. Use the Probe Tube Depth Guide

Care and communication are essential for building trust with your patient, especially in a vulnerable moment such as when you’re placing probe tubes for REM fittings. This is important because your patient’s experience is shaped by how you make them feel.

And while there is no harm in bumping the patient’s eardrum, it is generally unpleasant and can cause undue anxiety for the patient. Using the MedRx Probe Tube Depth Guide takes less than a minute and can reduce both provider and patient hesitancy during probe tube placements. The Probe Tube Depth Guide helps you confidently place the probe tube without touching the eardrum and maintaining the required 3-5mm distance from the ear drum.

Hearing aids are much more likely to be fit accurately when the probe tube is placed the required 3-5 mm away from the patient’s ear drum—leading to happier patients and more successful fitting results.


Audiometric Excellence

You can implement these 5 low-cost solutions to improve patient satisfaction with little to no time added and minimal investment in labor or equipment.

Care, limited waiting times, and communication are essential elements to consider when evaluating your patient’s experience in your clinic. Finding ways to integrate these key drivers of patient satisfaction every day can contribute to a patient community that is happy and loyal to their clinic.

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