Use Your Equipment Efficiently: 5 of MedRx Studio’s Most Customizable Features

Reading Time: 4:50 min

One of the biggest strengths a hearing clinic can have? Efficiency.

Efficient appointments not only keep patients happy, but they allow HCP to help more patients throughout the day. And if your clinic has already upgraded to PC-based audiometry equipment, then you know that efficiency starts with your testing and fitting software.

MedRx Studio is an advanced audiometry software designed for hearing care professionals to use with their MedRx diagnostic equipment. MedRx Studio is MedRx’s newest and most technologically innovative software yet, designed with a modern touch for clinicians looking to improve efficiency and elevate appointments.

One of MedRx Studio’s greatest benefits for HCPs, and what sets it apart from the other diagnostic software, is its capability for customization. Every patient is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your software for you. There are many ways to customize the MedRx software. In this article, we highlight 5 customizable features in your Studio software to maximize your day-to-day efficiency.

1. Audiometry Viewing Options

MedRx Studio can be edited to the preferences of any hearing care professional—giving everyone a way to personalize and adjust their software to their testing style.

Within the audiometry module, you can completely customize your testing view. Simply click the setting wheel icon on the upper right side of your AUD module and use the tabs to edit your display and testing settings.

Here, you can change the visibility of the speech spectrum, phonemes, hearing loss level guide, and common sound icons on your audiogram. In the Speech Spectrum tab, you can even change the color and language for your speech banana and the color, language, font, and font size for your phonemes.

You can save these settings and re-use them for every patient or change them as needed.


2. Audiograms in Patient View

The counseling part of a patient’s appointment is arguably one of the most important times for you as a provider to make an impact on the patient. So, in order to make the process simple and easy to understand for the patient, you may choose to use Studio’s patient view.

You can find the patient view on the top right of the screen. The icon is a double monitor with a person on it.

Patient view allows you to hide your testing buttons for a cleaner display during a counseling session. This gets rid of any distractions and allows you and the patient to focus on reading their audiogram, and what the results mean.

In patient view, you have the option to show one or multiple session audiograms and one or two plots at a time. You can also modify the visibility of the speech spectrum, phonemes, common sounds, and level of hearing loss guide.


3. Level Options

In the main testing screen, you can also change the level options for your tests. Depending on which software you’ve used previously or what is intuitive for your testing style, you may want to change these from the defaults to be the most efficient.

To do this, go to the wrench tab on the bottom right of your screen and select the settings wheel for “Settings” on the level section of the tab. You can then choose between 1, 2, and 5 dBs for the level units and 1, 2, or 3 for the steps.

Because MedRx’s Studio software uses your mouse and keyboard to adjust these levels, customizing the steps and units is important, as it determines how many clicks it takes to get to your next testing level.


4. Templates

MedRx Studio Software also allows providers to create customized print templates that can be completely edited and personalized for your practice and preferred reporting style. You can create new templates in the print editor or start by using one of the 6 starter templates. These allow you to report on REM/LSM and patient audiometry results.

Start editing templates by clicking the print icon in the top right corner of your screen and choosing your testing data, headers, logos, pictures, text, and more.


5. Modules

In MedRx Studio every single one of the 9 different modules has customizable options. But the modules themselves are also customizable. On your main screen, before you choose which module you want to work in, you can edit which modules are visible every time you open Studio, and which you want to hide. This is done by going to the settings wheel on the main page and selecting modules. Here you can show or hide whichever modules make sense for your practice.

The various tests in all the modules are also editable and can be changed depending on which ones you often use and want to display at the top of your testing screen.


Using MedRx Studio Efficiently

MedRx Studio gives hearing care professionals an endless amount of control over how each module, test and template is used and displayed. This is because at MedRx we understand that every clinic and every provider is different, so we created a software that can be personalized for every office’s needs.

There’s no shortage of features on MedRx Studio software that gives the provider flexibility and power in every step of the testing and fitting processes. From new features such as the probe tube insertion guide to our clean, modern interface, MedRx leads the way in intuitive software design.

MedRx’s consistent commitment to innovation, improvement and development drives new and practical features for our most advanced equipment. To learn more about how to use your MedRx equipment most efficiently, take a look at our training videos or contact MedRx Sales or Support at (888)392-1234 for additional help and training.