Getting Started with Computerized Audiometry

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Switching systems can be an intimidating experience. Whether you’re going from a manual audiometer to a computer-based one, starting live speech mapping, or using a HIT box for the first time, getting started with PC-based equipment is a big step.

In the long run however, computerized audiometry makes testing and fitting easier and more efficient. With familiar interfaces and integrations, PC-based audiometry is the easiest way to modernize your practice.

Interested in switching over to computerized equipment? Discover all the ways you can update your practice’s tools and software below.

Video Otoscope

The fastest and most affordable change you can make for your practice is swapping out your handheld otoscope for a video otoscope.

MedRx’s video otoscope is USB-powered and easy to use, so getting started is a breeze, even for longtime handheld otoscope users. There is also no setup required, you can easily plug the device into your PC to launch the software.

The otoscope's design is lightweight and maneuverable, perfect for getting precise pictures and videos of your patient’s ear. And once finished with your exam, simply save in Noah or Blueprint to refer to at a later date.

Digital otoscopy presents a plethora of new opportunities for your business, check out our first blog post on the Benefits of a Video Otoscope to learn about the various advantages digital otoscopes have over traditional handheld otoscopes.

Video Otoscopy Patient with Doctor


Audiometers & REM/LSM

Manual audiometers are traditionally larger and more cumbersome than PC-based audiometers. Switching over to a computerized system will save desk space and free you of the knobs, dials, and buttons on your manual audiometer.

MedRx’s systems range in size from 5” x 5” x 1.25” to 8” x 5” x 1.25” so they will never take up unnecessary desk space or clutter your office.



MedRx audiometers and REM systems don’t have a single button on them. All testing and fitting occurs on your computer using your keyboard and mouse. The audiometer hardware includes several jacks that connect accessories and your computer; however, no testing is done on the actual hardware. This makes storing and positioning your system much easier.

Our REM/LSM system can even be combined with our diagnostic audiometer, giving you the best of two complete systems in what we call the AVANT ARC (Audiometer REM Combo). With this 2-in-1 device you can save space and the hassle of setting up or storing multiple pieces of equipment.



Hearing Instrument Test Boxes

Many hearing care professionals are still not using a HIT Box to verify the technical specifications on their patient’s hearing aids. With technology getting more and more complex, it’s essential that we verify that patients are getting the output from their hearing aids they’re supposed to.

Without a HIT box, your programming is null. You can enter in the right measurements and make the necessary adjustments, but if the hearing aid’s technology is malfunctioning, you have wasted time, money, and effort.

Though the HIT box itself looks complicated to set up, it is one of the easier tests you can get started with when opting for computerized equipment. As mentioned previously, the tests you run actually all occur on the equipment’s software.

This means that with the lid closed and a hearing aid inside, you can simply run the software’s automated tests and find out if the hearing aid is meeting technical specs.



STUDIO Software

MedRx STUDIO software is a single software designed to optimize your testing and fitting experience between multiple computer-based devices. All MedRx products connect to our STUDIO software so you can find all your testing and fitting software in one place.

With STUDIO by MedRx there’s no need to open multiple softwares to run different tests. You can do it all from one computer.

MedRx STUDIO Software is the ideal upgrade for anyone looking to modernize their testing interface while implementing additional flexibility in their testing.



A Familiar Interface

We understand that the transition from manual audiometry to computerized is a big change—for you and your office. However, MedRx’s computer-based audiometry interface is intuitive, even for first-time users. It will help you optimize your office systems, integrating with patient management systems, and most likely, a computer you already own.

Computerized audiometry consolidates testing, patient information, and can even help you stay more organized! Growing your practice will become so much easier when you have a reliable and easy to use system running alongside you.



Training at Your Fingertips

As more of our world moves online, those who prefer to do things manually can often get left behind. That’s why we provide unlimited customer support and training to help you make the switch.

Our expert trainers not only understand computerized audiometry, but manual as well, ensuring that we can help you sort out any confusion and answer all your questions.

We also have an array of instructional videos posted on our YouTube page for almost every product, perfect for reviewing before you see your first patients or hopping on a training call with our trainers.

Affordable PC-Based Audiometers

MedRx believes that computerized audiometry equipment should be accessible. Every hearing care professional deserves innovative, PC-based equipment at an affordable price. So, not only do we provide unmatched systems, but we offer it at an unmatched value.

Call to schedule a free online demonstration of any of our products or learn more information. U.S. based hearing care professionals can give us a call at (888)392-1234, while international professionals can reach us at +49 30 70 71 46 50 or through your local MedRx representative.

It’s not too late to make the move to computerized equipment, contact us today to find out how we can help you get started with PC-based audiometry!